Upgrade My Food Feature - The Real-life Miss India Tea Entrepreneur

Miss India Post


We are truly honored to be featured at Upgrade My Food ! Analogy of Real Miss-India based on Miss India Movie is immensely inspiring for the whole Eternal Holistics team! Many thanks to all of our Holistic Lifestyle Fans who put the trust in our team and the products.



Some of the highlights of the post:

I would now like to introduce a real-life Miss India style entrepreneur- my good friend Rushita, co-founder of Eternal Holistics tea – a young company that just started in 2019, and a mother of 2 young kids.



By the way, this is not a sponsored post. I am just using my blog as a platform to create awareness of their wonderful product. 


When there is work to be done and I still look for something to refresh me in the dull afternoons or when working late at night, I love to sip on their teas. It refreshes me without giving me a headache (unlike other caffeinated drinks). Eterbrain is a wonderful option for folks looking for something similar. 


Also, my mom loves it. She has been worrying about being forgetful recently. She really loved the taste and was also thrilled to learn that the tea enhances memory, focus and clarity.





Special thanks to Swetha for creating a truly engaging article that is exceptionally well written and a joy to read.




Read more at: Upgrade My Food !




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