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Eternal Holistics is founded with the mission to increase consciousness about holistic health. We are modernizing the ancient secrets of Ayurveda by increasing awareness and availability of the most powerful Ayurvedic herbs in convenient forms. We specialize in products which are additive-free and sustainably sourced.

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This tea is such a great replacement for my 3 pm pick-me-up. It kept me alert, yet calm. I prefer this instead of my second cup of coffee/tea which I am unable to tolerate the caffeine as I get older. It is great for older adults too. My mom is also a big fan!!

Swetha S

Awesome is word for Nootropic Tea. I am sipping Eterbrain’s Herbal tea every afternoon during this lockdown. And truly, it is refreshing and rejuvenating companion while you are in social distancing restriction. It helps to focus and relax at same time.


Amazing benefits of Ayurveda combined with ease and taste of this tea has made it part of my daily routine. It does make you feel much calmer and I am noticing some other benefits too. I'm usually picky with trying herbal/green teas as most of them don't suit me, I'm so glad I tried this! Excellent service and well priced too.


I haven’t had a tea like this before- truly amazing and has so many health benefits. I’d recommend this to everyone who’s a tea lover and wants to enjoy ayurvedic awesomeness.

Harsh P

Relaxing and Refreshing and best of it all love the flavor !!

Vishal A

I like the combination of this soothing tea with a guided meditation like Headspace to improve focus.

Anand C

A new kind of tea is born!

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