Our Advisor

We are grateful for our revered advisor Dr. Sanat Joshi.

Dr. Sanat Joshi is an Ayurvedic Consultant since 28 years. He has consulted and cured more than 50,000 patients with varying conditions such as Digestive Disorders, I.B.S., Arthritis, Respiratory Disorders, Obesity, Insomnia, Psychological Problems, Anxiety, Depression, and other chronic disorders. He also specializes in Anti Aging Therapy (Rasayan Chikitsa).

His primary focus is to help his patients maintain their health which includes both a healthy mind and body. He uses a holistic approach that includes Herbs, Lifestyle, Yoga-Therapy, Pranayama, and even modern medicine, when necessary.

He has pioneered health awareness movements such as "Ayurveda, a Science of Life", and "Application of Ayurveda in day to day life". He has also written a book "Ayurveda -Ek Jivan Vignan (Ayurveda - The Science of Life)" and translated numerous books. He served as Secretary (1996-97) and President (2010-11) of Ayurveda Medical Practitioner Association.