Our Story

It all started when we faced the hard reality of US healthcare system’s shortcomings that miserably fails to improve holistic health. The aim was to remove dependency of medicine for lifestyle related diseases.

Inspired by personal life experiences. Atomistic shortcuts don’t improve overall health. Bitter personal experiences seeded empathy for the society as a whole. 

This journey inspired us to get deep into Ayurveda. In today’s time, everyone is busy and pressured with work and life. We decided to make Ayurveda in a very convenient form.

 We started thinking on how to modernize the Ancient Treasures of Ayurveda. The realization of “All the Ayurveda principals are proven since thousands of years and still very relevant, constant and precisely effective.” was a stroke of genius. Modern medicine is still in its infancy (only around 150 years old, vs. 5000 old years Ayurveda principles). The principles of Ayurveda and Holistic Health are eternal. Eternal Holistics was born.

 We center our mission and values around holistic health. That includes promoting a lifestyle that is closer to the nature, sustainable, respectful, and empathic. Holistics includes physical, mental and emotional health. Our values are reflected in our products and services. 

Our Products

Our products and formulas are meticulously designed keeping consumption convenience in mind. We are striving to make Ayurveda a part of everyone’s daily life. We create 100% natural, chemical-free, responsibly sourced and result oriented products. Learn more about our Products.

Our Mission

With a mission to increase consciousness about physical, mental and spiritual health, we are inspired to make the world a better place. Our all-inclusive approach is apparent in our values, approach, choice of ingredients, partners and products. Learn more about our Mission.

Our Approach

Whether it is a formula invention process, or choosing the packing material, or providing customer service, our approach is holistic and empathic. Learn more about our approach.