Mission and Values

Our Mission

To increase consciousness about physical, mental and spiritual holistic health.

We fulfill our mission by:

  • Becoming genuinely curious about fundamental principles of Ayurveda
  • Producing supreme quality products
  • Creating awareness of Ayurveda and holistic lifestyle by creating educational content
  • Applying holistic lifestyle principles in our own life
  • Providing excellent customer service
  • Aspire to exemplify our values

Our Values

Supreme Quality

We are not afraid to go against or ahead of the accepted best. Positively different means an uncompromising drive for innovation, efficiency, and simplicity. We thoroughly understand the importance of delivering highest quality products, customer service and awareness.

Make with passion

We do what we love to do, all the time. We aspire to make the work lifelike. The more we make it lifelike, the more we love our life. It’s to self-define a fine line between work and life. Our desire for excellence must be inspirational for others, and our intensity of spreading awareness about holistic health must be apparent.

Focus & mindfulness

We commit our undivided attention to invent and deliver the best products for our customers. We practice responsible productivity while firmly believing its better to produce long-term gain at the cost of short-term loss than short-term gain at the cost of long-term loss. Vision and credence give us immense strength.

Empowering people is the real succes

Respect the community’s diversity and contribution, irrespective of their influence or wealth. Selflessness must be visible in every action and decision. Every other team member must remember us as non-political, trustworthy and straightforward.

Ethical empathy

An incredibly powerful skill to understand others, that includes team members, customers, community and society, must be developed and practiced by capitalizing on lateral thinking. The foundation of empathy is all-inclusive (or holistic :)) thinking that includes attentive perception and concise expression.

Problems make us better

We believe in the power of imagination and challenge the status quo. We habituate genuine curiosity. We are always eager to learn our broad objectives and relentlessly push the personal boundaries to solve the sensed problems. The complexity motivates us, and we are more fanatical when we sense customarily impossible.


This tea is such a great replacement for my 3 pm pick-me-up. It kept me alert, yet calm. I prefer this instead of my second cup of coffee/tea which I am unable to tolerate the caffeine as I get older. It is great for older adults too. My mom is also a big fan!!

Swetha S

Amazing benefits of Ayurveda combined with ease and taste of this tea has made it part of my daily routine. It does make you feel much calmer and I am noticing some other benefits too. I'm usually picky with trying herbal/green teas as most of them don't suit me, I'm so glad I tried this! Excellent service and well priced too.


I haven’t had a tea like this before- truly amazing and has so many health benefits. I’d recommend this to everyone who’s a tea lover and wants to enjoy ayurvedic awesomeness.

Harsh P